100% Balance & Restore

When Brimstone became a reality there were a few things that we wanted to keep in mind when creating our Candles and Bath and Body products.

Everything revolves around self care. In our world today we go, go, go. We tend to forget that in order to be our best we have to take time for ourselves.

The four areas we focus on at Brimstone are:

Rich symbolism Atomosphere Quieting the Mind Romance and Love

Rich Symbolism

If you break a candle down to its components there is meaning to be found in them.Wax – pure flesh or humanity Wick – soul, light – love, and divinity.

Flame – godhead,
fire – obedience, heat – humility.


The flickering of candlelight produces a lovely ambience that simply cannot be replicated. If you are looking to create a cozy or intimate atmosphere, lighting a few well-placed candles in your home can really add to the effect. Adding a candle here and there will create softness in your room, which
will instantly make it feel warm and welcoming.

Quieting the Mind:

Simply light a candle and give yourself a chance to focus on it; in just a few minutes you will be enjoying a quiet mind and profound inner peace! Use this when your mind is too busy and you need to focus.

Romance and Love:

Love is a feeling or emotion felt by an entity towards another, but it can also be shared with another entity.
In contrast, romance as a feeling and is characterized as a thrill,excitement, and exhilaration.Candles help develop and enhance these feelings by setting an atmosphere of pure warmth.