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Part 3 Candle Fragrances: Making Sense of Scents

What about the fragrances used in candles to give them their scent?  Are they safe? Historically, the fragrance industry has never been transparent about safety. Lack of disclosure from fragrance manufacturers regarding ingredients and the possible health risks of those ingredients that make up perfumes, colognes and other scented products like candles was the norm. However, […]

Holiday Self-Care: A Guide to Thriving During the Holidays

As the holiday season kicks in, it’s time to have a heart-to-heart about something crucial—self-care. As a self-care enthusiast, I’m here to help you navigate the holiday whirlwind with grace, joy, and, most importantly, a healthy dose of self-love. Understanding Holiday Stress: So, we all know the holidays can be a bit much, right? Between […]

Self-Care on a Budget

Your phone never stops pinging. Your boss doesn’t seem to know what a weekend is. Sound familiar? Life is hectic, and self-care helps manage these challenges and promotes mental and emotional health. It is essential, especially for those who often face unique challenges and stressors. But, here’s the thing: self-care doesn’t have to be expensive. […]


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